Happy V day

Happy Valentines!!

They say , you need to completely love yourself first before you can truly love another person. What do you think? I think it can be very true.

If there is anything you don’t love about you, it so happens that you will always identify it in other people. And when that happens we tend to judge them and try to change them, but in fact we only judge ourselves.

I propose to fully love ourselves today and enjoy some really good chocolate recipes without feeling any guilt whatsoever. Simply because chocolate is really good for you. As always, in reasonable amounts.

Here are 3 reasons why dark chocolate is good for you.

1.  It is packed with minerals such as potassium, zinc and selenium.

2.  It is good for your heart and blood circulation.

3.  It is one of the best antioxidants source available.


Chocolate is often considered a comfort food, a mood enhancer or a fast fix. It is made combining cacao, sugar and milk. Who cares right? Is delicious 😋


It’s time for some recipes!

Check out this link to my website for a couple of home made healthy chocolate recipes in case you want to surprise your Valentine 😊❤️

Home made chocolate http://www.mariettacurteanu.com/3-reasons-to-eat-home-made-dark-chocolate/

Chocolate mousse/http://www.mariettacurteanu.com/chocolate-mousse-no-i-eat-healthy/

Give it a go, let me know how it went.

Hope you have a fabulous day!

Catch up soon


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